Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies!? Chewy and crunchy, big and small – we’ve got you all covered!

Load it with abundant chocolate chips and you won’t stop munching on these delicious them! Please be warned that these cookies are highly addictive.

It’s magical when mixing a few ingredients together like butter, brown sugar, fine sugar, egg, flour, vanilla, and baking powder can create such awfully tasty cookies. A slight variation in ingredients will result in either chewy or crispy cookies. At home, you can get more creative by adding some chopped nuts, M&Ms or white chocolate – you name it.

chocolate chip cookies

Some like to enjoy the cookies as it is. Some like to dunk it in their milk. Perfect as an everyday snack or as party food. Maybe it will remind you of the Cookie Monster!? ‘C’ is for cookie…

While baking, the aroma not only will waft through your own kitchen, but it’s also highly likely to get your neighbours to come knocking on your door. These cookies will make you and little bakers true master chefs! Store them in a lovely cookie jar or fashionable cookie bags to brighten your kitchen.

This class is suitable for beginners. So sign up for chocolate chip cookies and bring your kids along.

Good read – History of Chocolate Chip Cookies.

What You Will Learn in Chocolate Chip Cookies Class:

-Hands-on weighing and mixing ingredients

-Combine other ingredients to form the cookie dough

-Learn how to achieve chewy and crunchy cookies

-Learn how to shape and achieve uniform-size cookies

-How to use and control the temperature of the oven.

-Cool and pack the cookies.

Bring home printed recipes and cookies in a lovely cookie bag.

Inclusive of after-class support.

Cost: Individual sign up S$98.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Sign up here! or view Baking Class Overview here.

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