Two-tone Butter Cookies

Learn how to make your all-time favourite two-tone butter cookies both in vanilla and chocolate flavour. To add some fun, do the stain-glass style too.

Complete decorating the cookies with a simple icing.

What You Will Learn in Two-tone Cookies Class:

-Weigh and mix ingredients

-Combine other ingredients to form the cookie dough – vanilla and chocolate flavour

-Create shapes with different cookie cutters -regular (heart, flower, circle) and Christmas cutters (Christmas tree, boots, bell)

-Learn how to create stained-glass cookies

-How to use and control the temperature of the oven.

-Learn how to prepare and decorate with simple icing

Inclusive of after-class support.

Cost: Individual sign up S$98.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Sign up here! or view Baking Class Overview here.

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