Double Tea Cakes

Join the double tea cakes baking class where beginners will learn how to bake two cakes – the Banana Sponge Cake and Rich Butter Cake in one class. Hands-on baking two types of cakes – all from scratch.

The Banana Cake

Traditional banana cakes are popularised in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.  In Singapore, banana cakes are found in almost every bakery as it has become part of our heartlanders’ everyday menu.

Banana Cake

For generations, we embrace the culture of consuming banana cake with coffee, tea or just as it is. Surprisingly, it tastes even better when shared with family and friends!

To bake a good quality banana cake, you need very ripe bananas. Other common ingredients include flour, sugar, eggs, oil and baking powder. But what makes one cake taste better than another? In JusBaking, you will learn how to choose the right banana and the techniques on how to whip up the batter to give a light and fluffy cake!

The Rich Butter Cake

No, poor ones don’t exist! Or maybe a poor-quality one does. Rich is referring to the buttery taste and texture. Soft and fragrant butter cake is what everyone is looking for. Unlike the banana cake, we cream butter and sugar together to incorporate some air which leavens the cake. Then, we whip and fold in other ingredients to complete the process. 

Double tea cake - butter cake
Butter cake

At home, you can get creative and make a chocolate butter cake, marble butter cake or even green tea cake. You can add chopped nuts, chocolate chips or even dried berries!

What You Will Learn in Double Tea Cakes Baking Class:

-How to choose the right type of bananas
-Learn about each ingredient (egg, sugar, butter, leavening agent etc.) and its function
-Difference between baking with butter and oil
-Prepare the banana cake batter by incorporating eggs, dry and wet ingredients
-Proper mixing method to maintain fluffiness in the cake.
-Preheat the oven and control of temperature while baking
-Learn how to bake with different types of pans and trays
-Learn about common problems with cakes and how to address them
-Some elements of Science of baking

Inclusive of after-class support!

Cost: Individual sign up S$98.

Duration: approximately 3.5 hours

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