Wheat germ Loaf & Multigrain Buns

If you are longing for a wholesome meal, join the wheat germ loaf and multigrain baking class! Wheat germ is full of protein, Vitamin Bs, Omega 3 and 6! What’s more? Wheat germ bread gives a soft texture that even your kids will love!

This class will yield a medium loaf, double buns and loads of powerful grains such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

Wheatgerm loaf and multigrain buns
Wheatgerm loaf and multigrain buns

At home, you may add your favourite filling like egg mayo, tuna, ham and cheese and top with your favourite sauce – BBQ sauce, onion sauce, teriyaki sauce you name it!

What Is Wheatgerm?

We are all familiar with wholemeal bread but wheat germ may appear less recognizable. Let’s dive deeper into the structure of the wheat berry to understand what wheat germ really is.  

A wheat berry consists of 3 main parts – the bran (14%), the endosperm (83%) and the germ (3%). The bran is the husk layer or the skin protecting the wheat berry. It contains some carbohydrates, high amount of protein, fiber and iron. Endosperm, on the other hand, contains lots of carbohydrates but is low in protein, fiber and iron. Endosperm is milled into various types of white flour such as bread flour, plain flour and cake flour. Lastly, the germ, is the embryo of plant which is used for ‘germination’ or plantation of wheat plant. It contains some carbohydrates. It’s not only it is high in protein, fiber, iron but also in Vitamin Bs,omega-3/6.

Good read – What is wheat germ? article by Nutrigrain

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What You Will Learn in Wheat germ Loaf and Multigrain Buns Baking Class:

-What is wheat germ and why it is used in baking
-An easy-to-follow recipe with descriptive techniques
-Weighing and preparing ingredients.
-Techniques in kneading how to achieve window pane stage
-Concepts of fermenting and proofing bread dough.
-How to achieve good bread texture.
-Shaping, scoring and glazing loaf and buns
-Preheat the oven and control of temperature while baking
-Learn how to bake with different types of pans and trays
-Cooling and storing bread.
-Baking art and Science.
-Learn the secrets of bread baking that most recipes don’t reveal.

Inclusive of after-class support!

Cost: Individual sign up S$98.

Duration: approximately 3.5 hours

Sign up here! or view the Baking Class Overview here.

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