Wholemeal Loaf Bread & Focaccia

Thinking of healthy bread? Unquestionably, wholemeal loaf bread is the answer!

Join the wholemeal cranberry loaf and cherry tomato focaccia baking class to learn how to make soft and healthy bread for the whole family.

Wholemeal Cranberry OR Wholemeal Raisin Loaf

Wholemeal is also known as ‘whole-wheat’ as it is derived from processing the whole grain including the endosperm, bran and germ. Not only it is low in fats and sugar, but also high in fiber, iron and vitamin Bs. What’s more? The loaf has a generous amount of raisins as a good source of fiber, iron, calcium and antioxidants. You can swap raisins for cranberries added to it as a source of anti-oxidant and vitamin C! Or you can just leave out both and make a plain wholemeal loaf.

Wholemeal Raisin Loaf
Wholemeal Raisin Loaf Bread


Wholemeal cranberry loaf bread
Wholemeal Cranberry Loaf Bread

To bake wholemeal bread, combine wholemeal flour with bread flour at a derived percentage to produce the best-tasting pillowy soft and healthy wholemeal bread!


Cherry Tomato Focaccia

Next, comes the Cherry Tomato Focaccia (pronounce as fo-ka-cha). Focaccia is a popular Italian flatbread. Basically, the signature ingredient is good quality olive oil and herbs, usually, rosemary, drizzled and sprinkle on the surface before baking. With that, endless variations had been formulated to suit different tastebuds. At home, you may get creative with other ingredients like slice potatoes, onion, olives, and garlic you name it!

Cherry tomato focaccia
Cherry Tomato Focaccia

As focaccia is a hand-shaped flatbread, it comes in round, square or rectangle shapes. Have some fun shaping, dimpling pressing the cherry tomatoes down! At last, bake and bring home your healthy bake to share with your loved ones. Perfect to go as a main meal, side or dip with soups.

Easy shaping techniques for both wholemeal and focaccia make it good for beginners!

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What You Will Learn in Wholemeal Loaf and Cherry Tomato Focaccia Class:

-Characteristics of wholemeal and why it is healthy
-Characteristics of Focaccia
-Weighing and preparing ingredients.
-Techniques in kneading and proofing bread dough.
-How to achieve good bread texture.
-Shaping, scoring and dimpling Focaccia
-Learn how to preheat the oven and control of temperature while baking
-Learn how to bake with different types of pans and trays
-Cooling and storing bread.
-Baking art and Science.
-Learn the secrets of bread baking that most recipes don’t reveal.

Inclusive of after-class support!

Cost: Individual sign up S$98.

Duration: approximately 3 hours 30 mins

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