Colorful Cupcakes

Learn how to make colorful cupcakes. It’s a complete hands-on class suitable for beginners. You will mix the ingredients from scratch, whip the cream and learn how to decorate the pretty cupcakes.

Cupcakes are great for parties or as an afternoon tea cake. Made as a smaller version of large decorated cakes, the cupcakes use the creaming method that creates a fluffy and soft texture.

Colorful cupcake baking class
Colorful cupcake

What are Cupcakes and Their Difference from Muffins

You may think cupcakes need no introduction. But many are still confused about the difference between cupcakes and muffins. In fact, some use the term interchangeably. But other than size, these two bakes are hugely different. So, check out and appreciate the general difference (but not limited to) between them.

TasteSweetSweet or savoury
Mixing methodCreaming method2-bowl mix method
Mixer requirementYesNo
Difficulty2.5 of 51 of 5
Baking temperatureMediumHigh
Decorated with creamYesNo
Ingredient mixed in the cakeNoYes e.g. blueberry
LeavenerAerate butterBaking powder
PackagingBox with windowDisposable plastic
Bonus: ReputationPretty petite cakeFast snack

The carefully piped beautiful cream gives an exquisite look to the cupcakes. Hence, this makes the colorful cupcakes make a perfect gift idea for your loved ones on special occasions.

Colorful cupcake class
Colorful cupcake

Good watch – Carnation Flower Cupcakes with Chocolate at a Korean Bakery

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What You Will Learn in Colorful Cupcakes Baking Class:

-How to do the creaming method.
-How to weigh and mix ingredients from scratch.
-How to fill the pan.
-How to preheat the oven.
-How to bake, cool and store cakes.
-How to prepare the most delicious, smooth, stable and less sweet whipped cream.
-How to incorporate liquid and gel coloring and flavoring to whipped cream.
-How to fill the piping bag.
-How to pipe roses and daisies with Wilton piping nozzle.
-How to store whipped cream frosting.
-Colors: pink, purple, green and yellow.

Inclusive of after-class support

Individual sign up S$98.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Sign up here! or view the Baking Class Overview here.

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