Vanilla Swiss Roll

Do you have trouble separating egg whites? Are you able to whip egg whites to the right state? Is your swiss roll always cracking!? Is your swiss roll dense, too sweet or not in shape? Does your swiss roll’s skin peel unevenly?

Fret not. You will learn the right techniques and resolve all problems with your swiss roll. This is a complete hands-on baking class suitable for intermediate-level bakers. Hands-on making either Vanilla or Green Tea swiss roll but receive both recipes and learn how to adapt to others flavours.

If you have not baked before but wish to try, Whatsapp 9233 7935 to find out the challenges of this recipe.

Vanilla swiss roll baking class
Vanilla swiss roll
Green tea swiss roll
Green tea swiss roll

What You Will Learn in Swiss Roll Baking Class:

Choose your option – Vanilla OR Green Tea Swiss Roll

-How to do the egg-separation method
-Understanding the weight of eggs and the importance of egg white
-How to weigh and mix ingredients from scratch.
-How to fill the pan.
-How to prepare a baking pan and preheat the oven.
-How to prevent the swiss roll from cracking.
-How to bake, cool and store cakes.
-How to prepare the most delicious, smooth, stable and less sweet whipped cream.
-Differentiating dairy and non-dairy whipped cream.
-How to incorporate coloring and flavouring into whipped cream.
-How to fill the piping bag.
-How to pipe with Wilton piping nozzle.
-How to store whipped cream frosting.

After-class support inclusive. Simply contact your coach to clear any doubts!

Cost: Individual sign up S$98.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Sign up here! or view the Baking Class Overview here.

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