Pumpkin Delight Buns

Looking for a variation to your basic dough? Add some pumpkin puree and you’ll be delighted to see bright yellow buns. These buns are super soft, tasty and suitable for beginners as you will be hands-on in shaping 4 different types of buns – chicken burger bun, heart-shaped bun, cream cheese bear and pumpkin roll.

pumpkin burger bun
Chicken burger pumpkin bun
Heart-shaped pumpkin bun
Heart-shaped pumpkin bun
Cream cheese bear bun
Pumpkin Roll

What You Will Learn in Pumpkin Buns Delight Baking Class:

-An easy-to-follow recipe and descriptive techniques.
-Weighing and preparing bread ingredients.
-Techniques in kneading and proofing bread dough.
-How to achieve good bread texture.
-Types of cheese used in bread making.
-Shaping and incorporating filling or topping into bread dough.
-Glazing the bread
-Preheat the oven and control of temperature while baking
-Learn how to bake with different types of pans and trays
-Cooling and storing bread.
-Baking art and science.
-Learn the secrets of bread baking that most recipes don’t reveal.

Inclusive of after-class support.

Duration: approximately 3 hrs 30mins.

Cost: Individual sign up S$98.

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