1. I have no basic knowledge of baking. May I join the classes?
Absolutely. All classes, except for swiss roll and double cute cakes, are suitable for complete beginners. Coach Justina will cover sufficient theory and practical about ingredients, baking tools, recipe and directions. You may purchase the Ultimate Secrets to Bread Making eBook to enhance your learning after class.

2. I do not own any electric mixer or kitchen machine. Must I get one?
At JusBaking class, not all recipes require a mixer. Nevertheless, you can attend any class first and decide if you want to purchase a mixer later. The best thing is you can speak to your coach if you need a recommendation of which mixer suits your baking needs.

3. Do I have to attend Easy Sweet Bread 1 first before Soft Sweet Bread 2?
No. It is just your flavour preference. You will learn different ways to incorporate and finish the flavour of your choice in any of these classes. You can even attend both to enhance your learning.

4. Are the breads made really sweet?
Not really. The name just sounds to be more pleasant and appetizing. Speak to your coach if you are health conscious or diabetic. You will be guided on how to adjust the sugar level.

5. I have a group of 4 friends. Can we request for private group baking class?
Yes. Feel free to request and suggest your preferred date, time and class of your choice. The coach will revert and discuss the details including pricing with you. Do use this Sign up form. Alternatively, contact Justina at 9233 7935.

6. I am not able to fit myself into the schedule. What is your advice if I still wish to learn?
You can make a separate appointment by using this Sign up form and sign up as a 1-to-1 student, state your preferred class date and class. Alternatively, contact Justina at 9233 7935.

7. I do not think I am able to absorb everything taught in the class within 3.5 hours. How to ensure I can succeed?
At JusBaking classes, you are welcome to contact your coach even after classes to ask any question(s). You are encouraged to take pictures to recall the whole process better. You can purchase the Ultimate Secrets to Bread Making ebook for beginners classes sum up everything that is covered during class.

8. May I pay on the actual day?
Priority will be given to those who made payment first. You are advised to make payment as soon as possible to secure your seat

9. How do I make payment?
You can transfer the course fee to POSB Account 186-27908-5. Notify by email or message after the transfer has been made.

10. Is there a minimum number to start a class?
Yes, there is. If the minimum number is not met, you will be transferred to a class of your choice. Provided there is a vacancy.

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