Soft Sweet Bread 2

Soft Sweet Bread 2 baking class teaches Asian-style bakery buns where beginners can learn how to bake soft homemade buns. Learn four different shaping techniques in one class – coffee bun, cheese roll, tuna bun and butter sugar bun.

Have you ever asked yourself why you had done everything right and ‘followed’ the recipe exactly but were still not able to produce soft buns? Why? Or why does my bread turn hard the next day? Or how should I shape my buns properly to make them more attractive?

The reason is that there are endless critical tips not covered in a recipe. It’s just not possible. Slight changes, whether intentional or not, can yield drastically different results and causes failure.

Coffee Bun
Sweet bread 2 - Cheese Roll
Cheese Roll
Sweet Bread 2 - Tuna Bun

Tuna bun

Sweet bread 2 - Butter sugar bun
Butter sugar bun

But with the right techniques and a full understanding the Science behind bread making, bakers will be able to produce a cottony soft bread texture. You will learn from A to Z what it takes to bake buns that not only look good but taste good and stays soft for days.

So, sign up for bread making class where you will acquire skills that last a lifetime!

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What You Will Learn in Soft Sweet Bread 2 Baking Class:

-Descriptive recipe and techniques.
-Weighing and preparing ingredients.
-Techniques in kneading and how to achieve window pane stage
-Concepts of fermenting and proofing bread dough.
-How to achieve good bread texture.
-Types of cheese used in bread making.
-Shaping and incorporating filling or topping into bread dough.
-Glazing the bread
-Preheat the oven and control of temperature while baking
-Judgement on how to tell the bread is done baking
-Learn how to bake with different types of pans and trays
-Cooling and storing bread.
-Baking Art and Science.
-Learn the secrets of bread baking that most recipes don’t reveal.

Inclusive of after-class support.

Cost: Individual sign up S$98.

Duration: approximately 3 hrs 30 mins.

Sign up here! or view the Baking Class Overview here.

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