Private Class

Private Class is a class requested by an attendee especially, but not limited to, for celebrations. The most requested theme of celebrations are – birthdays, bridal parties and anniversaries.

Private classes can be formed 1-5 pax, which consists of only yourself and/or your own group of friends. You will not be group with anyone from a non-private class. 

Other reasons for requesting private classes for non-celebratory modes include:

  • Not able to fit into the schedule shown on the website
  • Prefers not to join a group class for personal reason(s)

Celebration Themes

Surprise your family, friends or loved ones by signing up for a private class and you will receive a complementary celebration theme baking class!

What’s Included?

  • Celebration banners set up for you (for anniversary, bridal and birthday parties) 
  • A sash (for bridals and birthdays only)
  • A bridal veil and hairband (for bridal party only)
  • Photography props (for bridal and birthday parties)
  • Photography during and after class 
  • Acrylic cake topper (for anniversary, bridal and birthday parties) – bring home
  • Candles (for anniversary, bridal and birthday parties) – bring home
  • Cakes/bread baked in the class (for anniversary, bridal and birthday parties) – bring home
  • A printed copy of the recipe – bring home

Celebration Banners

Happy Birthday Banner
Happy Birthday Banner – Close Up
Bride To Be Banner
Bride To Be Banner – Close Up
Happy Anniversary Banner
Happy Anniversary Banner – Close Up

The Sashes

Birthday Girl Sash
Bride To Be Sash
Bride To Be Veil, Hairband and Sash

Acrylic Cake Toppers

Acrylic Cake Toppers Selection – while stocks last
Acrylic Bridal / Anniversary Cake Topper – while stocks lasts
Acrylic Cake Topper – Happy Birthday – Close Up
Acrylic Cake Topper – Happy Birthday – Close Up
Acrylic Cake Topper – Bride To Be – Close Up
Acrylic Cake Topper – Engaged – Close Up

Photography Props

Happy Birthday Photo Props
Bride To Be Photo Props

How to Sign Up

  1. Choose a bread / cake making class
  2. Understand the private class pricing here
  3. Decide on date and time with your family / friends
  4. Contact 9233 7935 (Justina Wang) to discuss on slot availability
  5. Sign up and transfer payment
  6. Receive confirmation email (no changes after class confirmation)

See you in your joyous occasion!

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