Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to first time sign up through this website AND all subsequent sign up and class confirmation via WhatsApp or messaging:

  • All confirmed classes are not transferable, exchangeable or refundable. You are expected to commit to the date agreed upon as the seat allocated to you will deprive one of signing up. Should you fail to turn up on the actual day, regardless of reason(s), fees are not refundable and JusBaking reserves the right not to offer replacement class.
  • To protect the community from Covid-19, you are advised to voluntarily withdraw your class(es) should you or any of your family member living with you have fever or flu-like symptoms prior to your scheduled class(es).
  • You will be denied entry should you have fever or flu-like symptoms on actual day. 
  • Your seat shall only be deemed confirmed upon transfer of fees AND receipt of email/WhatsApp confirmation. Once email/WhatsApp confirmation has been sent, please refrain from making changes.
  • If the minimum number of participants to commence a class is not met, you will be transferred to another class of your choice, provided a vacancy is available.
  • Some dates are scheduled to have more than one class. You may check with the admin about the final outcome of which class is formed.
  • Please notify via email (info@jusbakingclass.com) or WhatsApp (9233 7935) should you have a strict diet on eggs/nuts etc. due to food allergy or religious reasons.
  • Photo taking is encouraged but audio and video recordings are not allowed.
  • The circulation of recipes provided is not allowed.
  • The option of ‘Add a Child’ is available at $38 for a participating child who will be sharing the portion with an accompanying adult. The child will not get one full portion like an adult who is paying $98. If your child, at any age, is capable of handling a full portion, feel free to opt for an individual option at the rate of $98/person.
  • Photos taken during classes may be used for JusBaking.
  • Teamwork is expected from each participant during all classes in the preparation of ingredients and clean-up sessions.
  • The coach might provide substitute ingredients due to non-availability during purchase.
  • Cakes with cream are to be stored refrigerated as soon as possible after class. Please minimise time spent at room temperature during transportation to prevent staling.
  • The egg mayo bun must be consumed within 3 hours while the tuna bun must be consumed on the same day of baking.

Privacy Policy

JusBaking understand that your privacy is important and we endeavour to protect your personal information. As used in this Privacy Policy, “personal information” means information such as: your name; mailing address; email address; telephone number; or other personal information that may be supplied by you or collected about you as required by JusBaking. We hope that this Policy helps you to understand how JusBaking handle and use any personal data after collection.

  • JusBaking will not reveal customer information to any external organisation unless required by law.
  • JusBaking does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.
  • JusBaking understands and respects the privacy of individuals. Personal information is collected with your consent. The purpose for collecting this information varies depending upon your request and will include:
    • helping us to improve our service to you;
    • processing your application and/or registration and/or enquiry;
    • informing you of upcoming events;
    • updating your records in our databases;
  • While the supply of the information by you is voluntary, if you cannot provide or do not wish to provide the information sought, JusBaking may be unable to meet the purposes for which the information was collected.

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