Wholemeal Loaf and Multi-grain Buns

Join the wholemeal loaf and multi-grain buns baking class. This simple recipe is eggless but powered with seeds, is easy and suitable for beginners.

Wholemeal Loaf & Multi-grain Buns 3

Wholemeal Loaf & Multi-grain Buns 2

What You Will Learn in Wholemeal Loaf and Multi-grain Buns Baking Class:

-An easy-to-follow recipe with descriptive techniques
-Weighing and preparing bread ingredients.
-Techniques in kneading and proofing bread dough.
-How to achieve good bread texture.
-Shaping loaf and buns.
-Baking and glazing bread.
-Cooling and storing bread.
-Baking art and science.
-Learn the secrets of bread baking that most recipes don’t reveal.

*Both egg and eggless glaze are available.

Inclusive of after-class support!

Cost: Individual sign up SGD90. To enjoy a discount, see complete pricing here.

Duration: approximately 3.5 hours

Sign up here! or view the Baking Class Overview here.

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