Colorful Cupcakes

Learn how to make colorful cupcakes. A complete hands-on class from, you will get to bake and bring home your masterpiece.


 Colourful buttercream cupcakes

What You Will Learn in Colorful Cupcakes Baking Class:

-How to weigh and mix ingredients from scratch.
-Fill cupcake liners.
-How to prepare baking pan and preheat the oven.
-How to bake, cool and store cakes.
-How to prepare most delicious, smooth, stable and less sweet whipped cream.
-How to incorporate liquid and gel coloring to whipped cream.
-How to fill the piping bag.
-How to pipe roses and daisies with Wilton piping nozzle.
-How to store whipped cream frosting.
-Buttercream colors: pink, blue, green and ivory.

After class support inclusive. Simply contact your coach to clear any doubts!

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