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“Ms. Justina is a very good teacher. She is very patient and answered everyone’s question in detail. She will ensure all of us understand the baking process step-by-step and the reason for doing or not doing some of the steps. The bread were so soft and delicious although I kept some for the next day. I really gain a lot of bread baking knowledge from the class. Thank you Ms.Justina!”- Michelle Yap
 baking class reviews
 baking class reviews “I have attended the bread baking class 2 days ago at JusBaking. The home environment made learning easier for beginners like me and the steps are easy to follow when I try baking at home today. The bread is soft and tasty and my family loved them too. Justina not only taught the techniques of successful bread making, she also shares the principles behind it. Thank you, Justina. Looking forward to more classes with you.” – Wendy Ong. 
“Completely enjoyed the class. Justina always gives very useful tips and is very approachable. The bread came out amazing.” – Meena


 baking class reviews
 baking class reviews
“Justina is very patient and shares lots of practical tips on bread making. Definitely a wonderful experience learning. Thank You!” – Lilian Ong, 39
“It’s my first time baking bread. Justina is very patient and willing to share her knowledge. Step by step procedure is clear and easy to follow. Great lesson with Justina.” – Angie, 38
 baking class reviews
“The explanation was clear and precise, all ingredients are well prepared and ready for us, good guidance by the teacher. Took great care of the students and ensure all of us know.” – Elton, 24 “First time, very inspiring and knowledge of bread making, I thought that bread making is complicated and difficult to do, but Justina method and teaching make it easy for novice to make.” – Suzie, 50+
“My first time learn to bake bread. Justina teach us patiently and answer our question that we asked. I enjoyed her class.” – Hartini, 50+
“Justina is able to present and give instructions clearly. She is able to answer our queries about bread making. A patient and gentle person. Good mix of technical knowledge and coupled with a very patient instructor and hands-on practice. Very enjoyable!” – Jane & John Lim

baking class review

“Justina is patient in explaining and will specifically point out steps that we need to take note. The advices and tips are beneficial to me.” – Manlin, 24 “Justina is very friendly and conducted her classes in a relaxed manner. She is knowledgeable and answered lots of our questions. Enjoyed her classes. We learned a lot about bread making” – Urshee
 baking class review
“Thanks for the very informative lesson! It has helped me understand the techniques in making nice and soft bread.”-Serene Ho, 45
“Justina is very friendly and knowledgeable about baking. She provided valuable information and answered all our doubts. Had an enjoyable class with other learning mates.” – Shawn & Meiyi, 33 & 31.
baking class reviews
“This is my first baking class. I find Justina very patient and answer all our questions. Thank you very much. Will definitely recommend my friends who are interested.” – Cher Goh, 34 “Happy to know Justina. Her class is very interesting. She makes sure that questions are answered and she takes the initiative to explain every step for baking. I would love to attend more classes.” – Shu Wan, 35
 baking class reviews
“It is a very helpful session for me. It clears up many doubts and questions that I have. The explanations for all the stages were very detailed. I like it very much. Justina is a very nice teacher and she has no reservations to teach us all she knows. Thank you very much and I am glad I made this trip here for the class. Keep it up!” – Clara Wai, 35.
“This is my first attempt to bread making. learnt a lot of tips from Justina, who has been very patient and spare no effort to explain in great details, clearing any doubts. Still need our own effort to practice at home. She is very passionate in sharing her skill and knowledge, encouraging us to try and call her when we encounter a problem in bread making. Thumbs up!” – Sok Peng
  baking class reviews
 baking class reviews
“First time learning and have no problem at all as Justina explained the steps very clearly and easy to understand. Encourage for those who are interested to bake but don’t know how sign up for her class!” – Sandy Lee
“Thank you, Justina, for sharing the secret of bread making. Your patient and willingness to share with us really helped me once again to pick up the interest of bread making. Would surely want to come back again to learn more other recipes from you.” – Chiew Joon Keng, 52 “Thank you, Justina, for patiently teaching the secrets to bread making. She makes bread making seems so simple and easy!” – Merilyn Lim, 50s
baking class reviews
“Fun and interesting session. Justina makes it simple and less intimidating to bake bread. She is very patient and has lots to share. I will definitely try it out at home. Thank you very much, Justina!” – Eve Lim, 45
“This was my first real baking experience: previously I only worked with instant cake / brownie mixes and I have to say it was really fun! I expected it to be hard but I found it simple, maybe because Justina guided me a lot. I got to try. I got to try shaping the kneaded dough (done by mixer), and adding the red bean / hot dog filling. I also tried scoring (cutting the bread for butter sugar flavour). It was a great and informative class!” – Clare Sim, 24

baking class reviews
” Justina is very friendly and helpful. I learnt a lot about how to make use of the tangzhong method and how a A-star quality of dough looked and felt like. Will definitely go home and make use of what I’ve learnt today. Also learnt a lot of tips and tricks (like if dough overworked, how to correct it etc.) Thank you, Justina!” – Ong Yi Pin, 37 “Justina is very friendly and approachable teacher. She is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions throughout the session. She was very patient and make our learning fun.” – Chia Yen Joo, 20s
“Had a great experience in all aspects of baking (making dough, flattening and the most in shaping). Learn how to shape the dough into different beautiful shapes, Thanks Justina for teaching us so patiently. Can learn a lot from you. Wish you all the best and maybe in some years buy bread from your confectionery shop. Thanks!” – Vani Batra, 36  baking class reviews
 “I totally enjoyed the experience. It’s my first time with bread so it was very wonderful. Thank you for conducting this class and inspiring me to try making bread.” – Naomi Datt, 36 “Justina is patient and takes the time to show and explain to us each step of the process and guide us through the baking process.” – Lynn Ng, 19
“Justina helps us to easily understand the steps to make cinnamon bread. Being novice in baking, she is patient to explain each step of the process and answer all the questions that we have.” – Charles Ng, 51 “Teacher is very helpful and kind. I believe that you’ll have more and more students, a branch in Singapore maybe, Thank you for the baking lesson today. I had fun and friends and delicious bread.” – Van, 23
“The lessons is informative and great for bonding” – Laurentia, 30s  Batra”It’s quite fun to learn in a group. The lesson structure and content is sufficient for acquire this skill of bread making.” – Raveen
 Rosalind's class “Very detail explanations from a teacher. Willing to share her tips and experiences.” – Gina Lim, 40
“Justina is very patient, knowledgeable and shared a lot of bread making tips with us. Thank you for sharing so much with us.” – Racheal, 39 “Thank you for sharing with us. I really like your baking class. Can’t wait to make them” – SunAe, 40
“Cosy environment, friendly teacher who is super willing to share. Will definitely be back for more” – Rosalind, 40.  CAM02128r
“I really enjoyed the class and learnt a lot of new information, given that I’m a new bread baker. Justina was very helpful and gave excellent advice, and is even willing to offer post-class advice. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone keen on learning more about home-made bread.” – Germaine Yong, 22 “Great class, thanks for the information. Great details and specifications for baking, love the casual Q&A and friendly atmosphere” – Lim Xuan Hong, 25
“The method that Justina demonstrate look easy not as difficult as what I thought. She’s very generous in sharing tips, not just about the lesson and also baking equipment / ingredients and etc. Great relax class, I enjoyed it very much.” – Ivy “A very fun and useful experience for me. First time to learn with hands on bread making. Very detailed explanation of each step.” – Kendra Tan, 53
 class photo “Organised, prepared which made the class easy to follow. Justina answered all questions very satisfactorily. I learned a lot. Would like to attend more in the future”- Roxanne, 54
“Accommodating teacher that gives tips even on non-bread related foodstuff. Keeps assuring us that we can ask questions if we have queries in future.” – Jaye Teng, 35  “Justina is a friendly and knowledgeable lady. She had answered questions which I posted to her. Thank you for answering my questions.” Valery Yow, 35
“The bread recipe is easy to make and smell very nice. Really tempting to make my own soon. Teacher (Justina) give a lot of tips how to make good bread.” – Verly, 38

“Very easy instruction to follow and fun hands-on. Watching the dough to proof to double the size is amazing. Can’t wait to try the final product soon” – Dean Liew, 44


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