Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

My recent trip to Hokkaido yield fantastic result! I can finally conclude my curiosity about Hokkaido bread. Not those bought locally but those made from bread flour bought from Hokkaido itself.

While I always wondered about why the Hokkaido bread is so popular, I had to get a packet of Japanese bread flour and yeast to try it myself. It’s not costly. The bread flour is only ¥213 (S$2.60) and a packet of yeast is ¥282 (S$3.43). I had a chance to make my own butter at Furano cheese factory, which I had wishful thinking that I can use that to make bread. But that block of butter definitely didn’t make it back to Singapore. Hence, I used the Golden Churn butter.

In Singapore, I’ve been a loyal user of Prima bread flour and I’m happy with the result. Having said that, I’d also tried other brands. The challenge is always in determining the amount of water to go with different types of bread flour. Although they are all bread flour, which is strong flour, sometimes some absorb more water than others.

Next question is, can we make Hokkaido bread by following a Hokkaido bread recipe out of Prima bread flour? Hmmm…..

Now, back to my attempt in bread making using the bread flour that I bought in Hokkaido. In this attempt, I adopted similar percentage and techniques of bread making as per usual. It turns out that I had to reduce the liquid content a little and still able to achieve a soft and well-developed dough. The kneading time and speed in my Kenwood kitchen machine remain the same, though. Another noticeable difference is the dough turns out to be slightly more yellow than my regular bread flour.

Talking is boring. Let’s see some interesting photos!

hokkaido chocolate bread

The Japanese Bread Flour, Yeast and Golden Churn Butter

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

Kenwood Kitchen Machine

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

Place all the ingredients in the machine (except butter) and just kept kneading.

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

Kneading, kneading and kneading…..

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

Kneading completes. Cover the dough and allow it to proof until double in size. Stay patient.

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

It’s double in size already! Time to knock it down. Trust me…it’s pleasurable to do so.

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

Divide dough into equal sizes

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

Here comes the fun part. Pre-shaping is where we round the dough. They look like pau, don’t they?


Final shaping done. Incorporated melted chocolate. Shaped dough is to be proof in a warm place until double in size…again..

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

You just scroll down and it’s double in size already. Pretty fast for you but not for me!

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

There you are! After baking for 14 minutes at 170C.

Hokkaido Chocolate Bread

A close up shot so that you can see the texture.

I think it’s lovely. I admired the texture and before long, I sank my teeth into it. It’s soft and all my questions are answered. Taste awesome! Lovely Hokkaido Chocolate Bread. Anyway, I only have one packet of flour and that’s all….

The good news is, I can produce equally good texture bread with Prima bread flour. That’s noteworthy.

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