Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

Today we celebrated my daughter’s 11th birthday! I converted my usual 7 inch Hawaiian pizza recipe and multiplied the amount by 10 to accommodate the party crowd. Thanks to my Kenwood Major, kneading was a breeze. Then, I filled the dough onto my 17 inch x 11 inch Wilton Jelly Roll pan. I have 3 pieces, so just nice! With these Wilton pans, the baked stuff comes out with its top and bottom just right. Should you use dark / black colored pans, the bottom might be over brown quicker than you thought.

I did two rounds of baking in my 60L oven together with other finger food. I particularly like Hosen canned pineapples because it is really sweet. Usually, I will use Bobo Picnic chicken ham, Perfect Italiano’s Pizza Plus and Prego’s Traditional tomato base sauce.  Just the right combination!

Making three large trays isn’t difficult. Just need to be well prepared.

If you would like to make your own pizza, here’s the recipe for a 7 inch pizza. You may multiply to any amount of pizza you wish to make.

Hawaiian Pizza Recipe (makes 1 piece 7 inch round pizza)


Pizza dough

Plain flour 82g
Vegetable oil 6.5ml
Water 48ml
Sugar 25g
Yeast 1g
Salt 1.6g


Tomato base pasta sauce 2.5TB
Ham 30g
Pineapple, chunks 75g
Shredded cheese 45g


  1. In a kitchen machine with a dough hook attachment, knead all ingredients at low speed until well combined.
  2. Cover and rest the dough for an hour or until double in size.
  3. Knock down and roll out dough on prepared pizza pan.
  4. Spread tomato paste. Sprinkle ham, pineapple, and shredded cheese.
  5. Bake in an oven preheated to 200°C for 14 minutes or until golden brown.
Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

Original 7-inch pizza

Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

7 inch pizza recipe multiplied by ten. Yield three large trays.

Hawaiian Pizza RecipeThis Hawaiian pizza recipe is the all time favourite and frequently used at home. Other than this topping, I’ve tried BBQ chicken topping with onion and green capsicum. I marinaded chicken breast using Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade.   The best part is that I like piping the sauce criss-cross on the pizza. Needless to say, it tasted heavenly.

With this recipe, you can prepare your own family dinner or party food yourself. have fun making your own pizzas at home! 🙂

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